How to understand your body signals for a need of help

The human body is a highly developed and arranged system, in which the mechanism of vital activity clearly functions. Thousands of processes occur in it, but there are failures in any mechanism and system – how do we understand that our body needs help.
Doctors recommend paying attention to the following manifestations, like:
Insomnia, irritability or cramps in the lower extremities – these symptoms indicate that our body needs potassium and magnesium, which are filled with bananas, oranges and tomatoes;
Dryness of the skin means that it is necessary to add fish and vegetables to the diet, since they contain vitamin E;
Strong craving for sweets – the cause of this can be stress, fatigue, depression, which means it is necessary to increase glucose in the body (honey and dark chocolate help well);
The desire to eat ice – which also happens, that means that you can have anemia, due to lack of iron in the blood, you should eat more meat;
Bleeding gums – vitamin C should be increased into the body, by consuming citrus, cabbage and green spinach;
Dark circles under the eyes – if a person is over 50, then nothing surprising, and the young body, apparently, must take care of lowering cholesterol.
All these tips are recommendable and in most cases are excellent help, but if there are significant health problems, you should consult a doctor before using the advice.