You lose weight: throw a cupcake, but do not hope for sex either

For a long time the myth was walking around the net, that the best physical activity that will help keep you in shape and reduce your body weight is sex. Some especially ardent fans of this weight loss, even offered to completely replace the hike on the sports ground with hot sex. Of course, the effect will be there, and you and your partner will be sexually satisfied, but will you really lose weight? Yes, but only if you behave like a man, because it is scientifically proven that their movements during bed pleasures make the body spend more calories. So, according to a group of British researchers, a stronger sex spends from 4.4 kcal per 1 minute of hot sex, while ladies only up to 3.1 kcal. In order to achieve the maximum in burning calories, you need to get a good orgasm, but a long prelude is good, but in terms of calorie loss, it is still quite insufficient. Therefore, do not blindly rely on sex to achieve the desired weight. Although, if it is a thick forest, no food, but only water and a partner, then certainly you will lose weight. But in practice, after a great sexual marathon, it strongly feels like eating and you eat. On the other hand, weight problems are nonsense, because regular sex rejuvenates a woman, so you can be beautiful and young, even with a slight overweight. And yes, sex with a husband perfectly strengthens the marriage relationship.