Rinare: our clients are deceiving us with their children

According to the CFO of a large low-coster opinion, formed about customers, it is blatant not want to pay for luggage, forcing their children to carry heavy suitcases. It is worth recalling that the company does not take money for carrying luggage from the kids. The weight of hand luggage should not be more than 10 kg. Plus the child can have a small bag on the plane.
That’s where tourists abuse a rule, forcing their children to drag things into the plane.
The last straw was the fact that, when a child of two years of age tried to drive a suitcase on wheels in a plane, which was larger than the child itself. The trend is the saddest, because this is not a single case.
So, some quirky tourists, they carry shells and toilet bowls in such bags onto the plane. They are being carried by children, and therefore, it is not necessary to pay for such a hand luggage. The management of the company is outraged by this behavior, and complains that their kindness turned out to be such a sad and negative phenomenon for them. The situation will change in the near future, because the owner instructed his people to change the set of rules for the carriage of luggage and to tighten supervision over hand luggage.