Record level of inflation in G20 countries

According to the reports of journalists of the American edition of The Wall Street Journal: inflation in the member countries of the G20 fell significantly and is almost equal to the record low values. Data for calculations are taken for the last 8 years. Employees of the American edition refer to official information received from the Organization for Economic Cooperation. So, according to the results for June 2016, the average values ​​of price changes in the economies of the G20 countries were only 2%.
Earlier in 2009, experts recorded a value of 1.7%, which was even lower than indicated. According to the results for the past month, a sharp turnabout in prices was noted, which was explained by specialists as a long cold snap.
In June of this year, the values ​​suddenly changed and reached 4.4%. Weather anomalies have affected various areas of activity, which slightly does not affect the economy of the G20 countries as a whole. However, experts in the field of analysts confidently state the high probability of an early stabilization of the situation and a reduction in the growth of inflation to the previous rates of 2-3%. The jump in prices in the economy can be considered as a temporary and explainable influence of external factors.