“New Year without hassle” researchers have defined the better place to celebrate New Year 2018

The New Year is the main holiday of the winter and it was not for nothing that Peter the 1st established this celebration on December 31, otherwise the long winter would have been a burden and would have not given magic and a fairy tale, would not have inspired hope and faith for life changes. Everyone has their own preferences on how to celebrate this holiday. Tourist research advises to meet the coming year in the following countries:
1. Czech Republic – this country is filled with a New Year’s atmosphere and will allow to hold a holiday at the highest level. Perfect for a holiday with your family.
2. Finland – a real winter and a lot of opportunities to have various relaxation and lot of fun in a large company;
3. Russian Great Ustyug will let you appear in a real fairy tale, which even adults believe;
4. Singapore – will make the New Year fantastic and enchanting;
5. Italy and France – these countries are carefully preparing for the holiday, so the celebration will be 100% successful.
These 5 countries always try to celebrate the New Year cheerfully, but also pay tribute to their traditions, so traveling for the New Year in different countries will allow, , to assess the identity and cultures of peoples as never before.