Forecasts of experts: the present generation will live less than the previous one.

Doctors have come to such a disappointing conclusion recently, in their view, an unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy diet lead to a significant reduction in life expectancy. Already now, adolescents have registered such diseases that were previously observed only in pensioners, such as: obesity, excess weight problems, inactivity and others.

According to scientists, 28% of school-age children are often ill, and only 39% are almost completely healthy. Even in the CIS countries, every 5th child has problems with overweight. If a child does not learn to eat right at the age of 15-16, then by the age of 30 he is expected to have the first cardiovascular diseases, metabolic and liver disorders.

Another problem is dependence on smartphones and gadgets. Most of children don’t go in for any sports at all, their only physical activities are physical education at school. As a result, the muscles do not receive enough oxygen and further their dystrophy is possible.

In order to avoid the problem, parents need to monitor the diet of their child, to teach him to eat fruits and vegetables and have compulsory breakfast, as well as provide aerobic exercises in the fresh air.