A hotel for Women in Tokyo

A new capsule hotel opened in one of the Tokyo districts. It is intended for women. Anyone can already try it and make a personal impression.
The hotel consists of seven floors. It is located in the attractive area of ​​Tokyo – Chiyoda.
Two local companies are working on the idea. It has a good infrastructure and is close to all the necessary places.
You can book a capsule at any time. They are quite comfortable and spacious. At the same time, both ordinary and additional services are available for women. For example, shower is included. You can also eat at the hotel. There is a possibility to rent a capsule for one hour. This is true for those who are going on the road from Tokyo.
The general director of the hotel noticed that women are increasingly participating in business trips. However, many of them prefer safe places to stay overnight. The hotel for women is one of them.
The hotel itself is not the first one in the place, there are a few similar to it. They successfully provide their services to visitors for more than ten years.
The cost of rent is from 44 $ per day. The price for additional services varies. A shower costs about $ 7.